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25p02615-SOil service valves
Serie 25
Valve body
Protective cap
PA 6.6 GF30
Screw-in thread
thread - length
Connecting thread
Long valve body
Opening pressure
Color identification ring
SA 15mm
M 26
SW 30
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© Skarke GmbH

Product specifications

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Due to their special construction Skarke oil service valves have a very high flow performance, temperature resistance and pressure tolerance.

Application examples:
  • Lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, other oils
  • other liquids on request
Valve material: Steel / brass / valve head seal:‐ FKM (Viton)
Temperature range: ‐30°C to +200°C
Pressure tolerance: On request (dependent on the dimensions of the valve)
Rate of flow: The rate of flow is dependent on the dimensions of the valve and the temperature as well as the pressure and the viscosity of the liquid flowing through it.
  • 15mm cutting ring fitting / 2502615‐S
  • M 22 x 1.5 thread DIN 2353 / 25022oc‐S
Engine Oil: 10 W/40
Oil Temperature: ~ 30° C
Rate of Flow: ~ 1,7 litre/min.*
* Rate of flow without influence of any mechanical pressure
Valve case: Chromate conversion coated steel (chrome VI free)
Valve head: Brass with O‐ring in FKM (Viton)
Thread undercut: In accordance with DIN 3852 A
Copper gasket (supplied): In accordance with DIN 7603 A
Protection cap: Thread M 22x1.5 or M 26x1.5 Brass or plastic (PA 6.6 GF 30). Supplied with stainless steel retention cable. The steel cable is attached to the valve and the protection cap preventing misplacement and ensuring a quick retrieval during service.
Protection cap gasket: NBR (for brass cap only)
Legend (see drawing): 
1:     As indicated in the stocked size list or finished to requirements
2:     Approx. 64mm
3:     Stainless steel retention cable
Wrench size: 30mm