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Oil service valves for high performance

Oil drain valves from Bochum plug to custom-made

The oil service valves of Skarke are deployed worldwide and a guarantee of reliability even under difficult operating conditions - from Bochum plug for oil changes on vehicles up to the special valve for industrial machines. Our standard series of oil drain valves is suitable for all oil and water emulsions and covers a wide range of applications, which can be extended to individual responsibilities by combining the series.

Skarke oil service valves are used to make maintenance of closed systems for oil and media containing oil safe, easy and environmentally friendly anywhere.

It must be a very special oil drain valve.

No problem, you can get it!

If a standardized Bochum plug does not match your requirements and you need an oil drain valve for very specific requirements, we are happy to expand established partial solutions with newly developed components or construct valves completely according to individual customer requirements - economically and accurately to measure.

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Our oil drain valves and drain plugs in detail:

Series 45

Serie 45


Series 45 Magnet

Serie 45 Magnet


Series 45L

Serie 45l


Series 25 SA

Serie 25SA


Series 23

Serie 23

Series 75

Serie 75

Series 40 - Connections

Serie 40

Special features of our valves

100% leak-proof

Our valves are all cost efficient, environmentally sound and easy to use - essential requirements for everyday use. We have developed a cone system which all Skarke oil service valves use. There is no media congestion in the valve, so the fluids can flow through unhindered.


For each oil drain valve and each oil drain plug applies:

  • high pressure resistance (up to 100 bar)
  • high temperature resistance (-30/+200°C)
  • no hazard of burns from hot oil
  • no contamination of machine and environment
  • no destruction of the oil sump thread
  • no seal replacement
  • reliability under all operating conditions
  • low flow resistance
  • simple and safe handling
  • easily adjusted to customer specifications
  • Skarke oil service valves are 100% seal tested 


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Our comprehensive product range of valves is approved by German Agricultural Society (DLG). The Standard range is immediately available in all standard sizes. Specific, customized solutions are also possible - just contact us.

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Spare parts and accessories

Discover the possibilities

With our wide range of accessories, the user has a multitude of further options for individual requirements.