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Be- und Entlüftungsfilter

Breathers & air vent filter

High pressure and temperature resistance

As the air vent valves, our breather filters and vent filters are specifically designed for the pressure or temperature compensation in containers and gearboxes. Due to the innovative filter system with a wire mesh, fine oil mist particles can settle. While the cleaned air escapes, the flowing air is effectively freed from dust particles.


Of course, our breather filters and air vent filters are made exclusively from high-quality materials and can be adapted quickly to your specific needs thanks to flexible production processes.

Our breather filters and air vent filters detailed:

Air vent filter series BE

Belüftungsfilter & Entlüftungsfilter Serie BE

Air vent filters BEF

Entlüftungsfilter Serie BEF

Air vent filters BED

Be- und Entlüftungsfilter Serie BED