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Entlüftungsventile Mix

Air vent valves for container and gearboxes

High resistance against strong pressure and temperature fluctuations

If the temperature or the filling level changes in container and gearboxes, pressure fluctuations arise. To avoid this, a continuous exchange of air with the ambient atmosphere is necessary, which can be reliably achieved with a high-quality breather valve. Our air vent valves have been developed specifically for this task and have proven themselves for years in practice.

To ensure the unique quality and function of our air vent valves, these are simple, but well thought out designed and are made exclusively from high-quality materials. The production of each air vent valve is made by a modular system with a high availability of the single components, so that we respond flexibly to customer requirements for product customization and also able to meet short delivery times.

Our air vent valves in detail:

Air vent valves series EV

Air vent valves series EV

Air vent valves series EVF / EVD

Air vent valves series EVF / EVD

Air vent valves series EVF

Entlüftungsfilter Serie EVF

Air vent valves series EVD

Entlüftungsfilter Serie EVD

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