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With our customised products, we make working steps easier in many industries and, e.g. oil change more convenient – whether it’s in construction machines, agricultural machines or shipbuilding. But what all of our valves have in common is the fact that they are exclusively made in Germany in consistently high quality. Here we have put together a few examples of our custom solutions for oil service valves.

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Permanent opening valve – saves two time-consuming working steps

Industries working with engines know the problem: After the test run, the oil remains in the engine and has to be drained at the customer’s site first.  Only then can the hose for a central service point be connected and the engine be filled with oil again. With the custom-made permanent opening valve, draining the oil and filling it in again is no longer necessary. After the valve has been installed by the manufacturer of the engine, it is opened only once when the connecting hose is connected with the central service point and then remains permanently open.

Download the data sheet of permanent opening valve 6513015 here:

Download data sheet 6513015



Permanent opening valve – version with extended thread

The function of this custom-made oil service valve is exactly the same as that in our first example. In this version, we have only extended the thread to ensure optimum fit. Just a small change, but with a great effect. Because the extra convenience remains even if the engines concerned have other dimensions.

Download the data sheet of permanent opening valve 6522615 here:

Download data sheet 6522615

Oil service valve especially suitable for AdBlue

This custom-made oil valve is a version which not only features a special O-ring but is also made of a different material. The valve body is made of stainless steel and resistant to aggressive substances such as urea, which makes the valve suitable for use with AdBlue, for example. The resistance of the oil service valves can be perfectly adjusted to the respective purpose.

Download the data sheet of oil service valve 45p016266-S here:

Download data sheet 45p016266-S



Oil service valve made to customer specifications

We have manufactured this oil service valve to customer specifications with an extended and enlarged hexagon nut and replaced the standard copper seal by a special O-ring. The valve body is made of free-cutting steel and the valve can be used with all common media such as lubricating oil, gear oil or hydraulic oil.

Download the data sheet of oil service valve 4501636o-S here:

Download data sheet 4501636o-S

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